I am a photographer, creative social media strategist, Shopify and Webflow developer with an entrepreneurial edge that makes me a vital addition to any marketing team and brand desiring to meaningfully grow engagement online and quickly as possible. My past experiences have shown me that the way to do this is through sharing a compelling and consistent brand story that supports real business objectives.

Passionate about using long-term social media strategy to support demand generation in the B2B technology space, my competencies include: strategy, measurement and analytics, audience segmentation, creative direction, writing, campaign management and activation, social video production and script writing, and striking strategic partnerships with digital influencers. Colleagues and friends consider me a smart, hard working, ethical, committed, passionate, and innovative team player.

I thrive in fast-paced environments requiring originality, commercial rigor, and trust. Over the years my curiosity and creativity have fueled several side projects in the lifestyle, fashion, sports, mobile, and digital publishing worlds, which have made me a more well-rounded start-up marketer.